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5 common business web site mistakes

- Tuesday, July 05, 2011

After a rush of new clients asking us on how to improve the performance of their sites, we've identified a few common mistakes preventing businesses from achieving their goals. 

Want to ensure a high return on investment from your marketing spend? Read on to ensure your business web site doesn't make these same mistakes.

1. Inadequate web site performance tracking.

Without effective web site statistics software installed on your site how else will you know if your web site is achieving your online goals?

Our preferred analytics software, Google Analytics, is entirely free and allows you to monitor the amount of web site traffic your web site receives, where your web site visitors come from and what they do when they arrive at your site.

You can take web analytics to the next level by setting up goal tracking, which is a great way to monitor how many of your web site visitors convert to clients. This gives you the power to make informed decisions on improving your site over time to increase sales conversions.

2. Lack of web site traffic.

The majority of customers are now seeking their information online. Most business leaders know this but many are left wondering how do I attract more traffic to my site?

Focusing on acquiring targeted web site traffic through an informed search engine optimisation strategy is the key to acquiring Internet users who are looking for your business online.

This is achieved by optimising the web site content for the keywords Internet users are using to find your service offering, a competitive link building strategy to notify search engines your web site is an authority in the field & a social media strategy to drive targeted traffic to your site.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Recent updates to Google's search algorithm has slammed many web sites for acquiring a suspicious amount of links from spammy web sites, resulting in many web sites losing their search engine rankings and web site traffic.

3. Targeting the wrong search terms.

Many businesses have achieved number one rankings for a long list of search terms, but are these the same terms customers are using to find the business?

You must ensure the search terms your business ranks for are in fact the same terms customers are using to find your business.

Keyword research is the most vital and consistently overlooked process for optimising a site to achieve search engine rankings and ultimately web site traffic. Without adequate keyword research a web site doesn't have a fighting chance for finding customers online.

4. Damaging web site development.

Many web sites have little hope of achieving search engine rankings and web traffic as a result of being developed without search engines in mind. Common errors in the code of many sites prevent the site from being indexed and in extreme cases risk the site being banned from search engines.

This includes excessive usage of Flash and Javascript, making search engines unable to crawl and recognise the content of the page. Also, hosting multiple web sites on the same account for the one business with duplicate content.

Shady tactics like these usually inform the search engines the site is trying to game the system and is a prime target for being excluded.

5. Poor usability and design.

Contrary to common belief, design is not subjective. Did you know that 76% of web site visitors determine the credibility of a business from the visual appearance of a web site alone?

A study by Stanford University revealed the common visual cues web site visitors use to judge the credibility of a business. Clean and uncluttered web design, relevant content, restrained use of colours, industry certifications and customer recommendations are just some of the visual signifiers visitors use to make this assessment. 

And this happens within a fraction of a second before your web site visitors make up their mind and close the window to move on to the next site.

Is this all we know?

It has become increasingly difficult for businesses to increase their web site traffic. This knowledge applies to most businesses. But not all.

Whiteclick have developed a separate and specialised body of knowledge on what makes for success in growing targeted traffic to web sites for the ecommerce sector, retail, business to business and many other industries. But this special information is only revealed to Whiteclick clients. 

If you would like to have an informal and confidential discussion on the effective strategies available for finding new customers online, or a receive a free web site health check, feel free to get in touch.

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