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Keyword Research

“How well does my site rank in Google?” is meaningless, unless you specify the keyword phrases you are aiming to rank under.

Keyword selection is the first step once a strategy has been established, and provides a foundation for all other services. The determination of those keyword phrases is closely tied with your strategy. It involves asking key questions about your marketing efforts.
In selecting keywords we look at a number of factors; 

  • The volume of searches for that phrase
  • The difficulty and competitiveness of that phrase 
  • How important is it for your business to “own” that phrase
  • The “conversion potential” for that phrase.

Keyword conversion potential refers to how targeted a phrase is to delivering customers (not simply visitors or ‘hits’). Keyword selection is part science and part art. It involves statistical and mathematical analysis and the creative instinct of a marketer. The most obvious words may bring high volumes of traffic but the conversion rates of long tail keywords are often higher. Using some of the world’s best keyword research tools gives us access to literally billions of keywords and their historic search volume data. We can quickly assess their difficulty in SEO terms, or competitiveness for PPC, and optimally structure your campaigns accordingly.

To learn more about how you can benefit from professional keyword research or to request a keyword health check for your website, give us a call or complete the free consultation enquiry form opposite.

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