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Pay-per-click Advertising

PPC (also known as sponsored links) does exactly what it says; you pay per visitor that clicks through to your website. You don’t pay anything if someone sees your ad but doesn’t actually click it. PPC is low risk and can produce phenomenal, measurable results. Google AdWords is the world’s largest pay-per-click solution and is responsible for around 80% of PPC traffic in Australia. AdWords ranks ads in order of relevance – not just what the advertiser is prepared to pay. It’s a clever system and means you don’t get locked out of the top positions on cost alone.

The benefits of PPC

  • Appear almost instantly on the most popular search engines 
  • Attract only visitors actually looking for your products. 
  • Maintain total control of costs - only pay when the ads work
  • Easily measure which keywords and ads work best
  • Maximise conversion rates and constantly improve your ROI
  • The majority of search queries are for something specific, so when a user clicks on an ad, it’s an absolute indication of their interest in that product or service – whether for purchase or initial research.

Why does our organization need PPC?

PPC is the most cost-effective way of gaining short-term visibility for almost any keyword phrase.

If customers can’t find your website they will go to a competitor. PPC can capture users searching for competitors’ products, as well as your own.

Companies with simultaneous PPC and SEO campaigns often see click-through rates from both listings increase. Having top results in both areas means they are perceived to be major brands in their specific product/service categories.
Many of our clients discover AdWords quickly becomes their most cost-effective marketing.  

How do I get started with PPC?

We do it all for you. Using some of the world’s best keyword research and bid management tools – not to mention years of experience – we optimally structure every aspect of your campaign, taking the guesswork out of major tactical decisions. We even do the technical integration with your website and analytics programs.

To learn more about how your company or organization can benefit from pay-per-click advertising or to find out more, please call us or complete the free consultation enquiry form opposite.

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