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Why Whiteclick ?

We specialize in commercial-grade search engine marketing. This includes pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation and social media optimisation. Typically, our clients are:

  • Companies needing professional help to maximize their online ROI 
  • Businesses looking to take their first steps online 
  • Web-savvy business owners who prefer to outsource 
  • Organisations requiring specialist SEM advice 
  • Advertising Agencies and Large Enterprises looking to cover a specific SEM requirement (e.g. for a sales campaign, or launch)
Our clients love search because it is so measurable. It’s about real results – and everyone loves real results - it means you can actually hold someone accountable. Few companies can justify an in-house search specialist, so most companies outsource their SEM.

Since ‘search’ is a marketing function (not I.T.), it needs to be outsourced to marketing specialists, who understand how to integrate SEM with your other online and offline marketing & advertising.

Failing to include search to promote a website would be like running a department store sale from a building in the middle of the desert. It doesn’t matter how good it looks if no one can find it!

To learn more about how your company or organisation can benefit from outsourcing search engine marketing or to request an SEO Health Check, give us a call or complete the free consultation enquiry form opposite.

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